Tech Geek

I am a self-professed geek.  I am both a Mac & a PC.  I believe technology can be used for good and not just for evil (or posting selfies with duck lips).  Technology is fascinating… and fun… and cool.  I have ‘fixed’ many a friends’ computers yet have no training and am not an expert in anything technical.  

However, I do know (and love) technology - whether it be audio/visual or computers or really cool home devices like NEST Thermostat or NEST Protect (check those out HERE).  Now there are two things I wouldnt mind getting in my Christmas stocking… hint… hint.

This tech blog will cover things that I find cool - or intersting facts in the world of technology and such.

I welcome your input… and questions.  Feel free to ask about anything technical.  If I know of it - or have an opinion of it - I’ll let you know.  If I don’t?  Well then, I’ll tell you that as well.

Thanks for reading…

~ MT

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