Rick Springfield Concert

So… a friend of mine from high school - Jorge Palacios - is the drummer for Rick Springfield this summer of 2014…  Here is a video taken at the very end of their show tonight - July 6, 2014 - at CMAC in Canandiagua, NY.  By the way - Rick is turning 65 this year…

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Are You Not Entertained?

Entertainment is a rather broad description.  Perhaps needing another ‘Menu’ selection down the road.  For now, though, let’s stick with this to keep it simple.

I am a lover of all things pop culture - music, movies, TV, video games (sort of - though video games could also be under ’Tech’.  It’ll stay here for now).  On the subject of video games, when I was a kid PONG was invented - black and white TV screen with a boucning ball and two rotary controllers… Mind… Blown.  Then came a variety of other game systems - Fairchild (look it up), Atari, Nintendo, Sega, etc… So much dang fun.  I would go to the local arcade with my roll of quarters and spend hours on games like Joust, Q-Bert, Dragon’s Lair, Galaga, Space Invaders, etc… And I was pretty darn good at them if I do say so myself.  Today I do pretty well with some iOS games but cannot seem to get a grip on the Call of Duty sort of genre… So many buttons ;-) Anyhow… you probably wont hear much abotu video games but you may so…

Movies?  Love them.  Favorite of all time?  The Godfather.  

TV?  Watch it.  Favorite of all time?  Hard to say but the list includes LOST, Moonlighting (from back in the day), Greatest American Hero (also from back in the day), Sopranos, Once Upon a Time, etc.

Music?  Listen to it.  LOTS of it.  I listen to everything - Heavy Metal, Smooth Jazz, Pop, Dub Step, Classical, ‘Oldies’, even some country now and then… 

You’ll find all of that here…  and maybe some more.  I’d love your opinion amd feedback.



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